Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-Your Eyebrows Say A Lot About Your Personality

Your Eyebrows Say A Lot About Your Personality


 1. Straight Eyebrows


You are 'the wall', reliable and a problem solver. Also you are a multitasker, you are good at handling both the professional and personal front. No gender discrimination for you at your work place because you perform the best by default.

2. Arched Eyebrows

Hard work is your key to success. You work hard till the last minute of submission like a Perfectionist. Also, your artistic point of view and your good sense of color makes you capable of being a painter or designer.

3. Upward Slanting Eyebrows

Born Leader. You are Unique and competitive. You dislike defeat and rivals motivate you. More the rivals; More you work.

4. Droppy Eyebrows

Sensible and friendly. You are emotional and sympathetic. People like to confide in you. Most of the times you end up getting troubled by others problems rather than yours.

5. Curved Eyebrows

You are the responsible one. Unbiased, fair and cooperative; these are the qualities which makes you a perfect blend of emotional and practical.


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