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You've Been Shaping Your Eyebrows Wrong Your Entire Life

Whenever I look in a mirror, my mind starts pondering that how amazingly God has created us all. Almost every human being has same body parts, one thing that creates a big difference among human is their looks.After years' hunt, I concluded the element that causes a difference is 'features' of one's face. Everyone's face differ according to their lips, eyes, nose, ears and especially, eyebrows' shape and size. But, I'm the person who gives the least importance to shaping eyebrows because I hate to invest my money and spending hours on parlour. And, I feel lucky to find out a DIY idea for shaping brows in a perfect way.Via
#1 Very first step

First of all, take a closed end of tweezer and keep it vertically on the edge of your nose. This will tell you from where does your natural growth of brow's start.

#2 Mark the starting of the brow

After finding out the exact position of the starting of the eyebrow, mark the traces with the help of eyebrow pencil.

#3 Pull out the extra hair safely

Remove all the extra hair above your nose and below your natural brow line by clean tweezer.

#4 Mark the end point

Again with the help of tweezer, mark the dead end of your brow through eyebrow pencil.

#5 Clean the mess all around


Now, when you have marked the starting and ending point of your brow, the next task that you have to complete is the cleansing of all the hair aside of the natural line.

#6 Trace the bottom line of your brow

Use eyebrow pencil and draw a curve at the bottom line of your brow, according to the thickness required. But, be cautious while marking the bottom line, it should follow the natural brow line perfectly.

#7 Take out the unwanted brow hair

After marking bottom line, you will get to know the exact quantity of brow hair left and to be taken out.

#8 But, unfortunately, if.. threaded out some extra hair that lead to an exposed look then, you need not to worry, just grab a brow sculptor and the strokes in the direction of the natural hair and you are all done.

#9 If you have light brows

Then, you can darken it through brow brush and get an enhanced look.

#10 Final touch, girls…

Just apply the setting gel over your brows and set them for too long. You are ready, pretty girl.
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