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You Never Knew What Your Bruises Signify, Must-Know!


You all must have seen some discolored skin on your body at least once in your lifetime, and if not in your body then, for sure on your friends or family members' body. Do you have any idea, what causes this injured type of skin? In actual, it's not any injury, guys, rather it is the skin defect caused due to the breakage of tiny blood vessels, and small veins.  Have you ever wondered, how do bruises change colors in our body and what they signify? If, not, then, you need to know the stages of color change ASAP. Read the whole article for the complete brief information.

Stage 1: Red Bruising

It is the first stage when bruising is very fresh and occurs immediately after the breakdown of blood vessels. Extra redness is due to the high level of iron and oxygen.

Stage 2: Blue Bruising

It is the stage when your blood starts loosing oxygen

Stage 3: Purple Bruising

Blue bruising and purple bruising is almost same type of stage. The only difference at this stage is that the iron in your body starts producing red blood cells and quickly transports it up to the injury.

Stage 4: Green Bruising

Green bruising gives a green signal of healing. Your body starts the process of breaking down the red blood cells and converting the hemoglobin into some new chemical.

Stage 5: Yellow Bruising

Yellow bruising is the final stage of the injury. In this stage, the chemical named bilirubin that is converted by hemoglobin starts producing yellow coloration.

Remedies of bruising

You can use an ice pack to reduce the redness and swelling. You can also use a heating pad but, only after two days. And lastly, if nothing works well then, apply ointments prescribed by the doctor.

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