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You Must Not Ignore These Early Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar


If we talk about life in terms of health and fitness, it has become a mess and totally unorganised. We are so much into our work and sometimes fun that we are no more conscious about our routine and diet. Our ignorance leads to so many unnoticed health issues which gradually causes a dangerous disease in us. High blood sugar is one among them. Here are the symptoms and easiest ways of taking precautions from it. Let's check them out. Take care of your health.

1. Are you a couch potato?

You might not be. But, if you have an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise in your routine, various types of sickness can take you into their trap. Sugar could be one among them. Check out the other symptoms.

2. Dry and sticky mouth, frequent thirst and pee throughout the night.

3. Fatigue is not always due to excessive work, high blood sugar could be the reason.

If feel tiredness and lack of energy continuously, visit your doctor immediately and get the sugar level checked. If your blood contains high sugar, you may feel constant hunger, itchiness in the skin and excessive weight gain.

4. Troubles with your digestive systems, besides, you may observe your cuts and wounds are taking a long time to heal.

5. Slow functioning of nervous system, weak memory and concentraion.

6. If you have high blood sugar, you should follow this glycemic food index will which ranks food on 1-100 in terms of sugar content.

7. Say strict NO to junks and add healthy stuff in your diet.

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