Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-You'll Burn Of Jealousy After Knowing What He Did To Relax Himself

You'll Burn Of Jealousy After Knowing What He Did To Relax Himself


Angelo Mastropietro, a 37-year-old was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 29. Most people usually give up on life and start getting depressed, but this guy had different plans. He needed somewhere more relaxing to live, so he decided to move into a cave.  No, not like actually in a cave.  Just read the story.  images via Boredomfiles


He found a listing for a plot and decided that it is the correct place to be in.

Chief architect

He decided that he will not just be a part of the project, he was determined to supervise the plan. He became the chief architect. He used his vision to make his dream home.

A lot of work

Around 70 tons of stone was excavated just so that his dream house would come true. It sure did take a lot of effort.

Middle Earth

We all want to visit the Middle Earth, especially after reading the LOTR series. That's what exactly his house looks like.
Look at this beautiful place, it looks like the perfect place for tea in the afternoon. It looks relaxing and homely.

Earthly feel

He painted white on the inside so that it gave an earthly feel to it. This is bright, with amazing and beautiful stuff added there.

Not chilly

Nobody loves their house being all chilly and stuff, you have to do something about it. This guy installed heated flooring.

Natural beauty

The morning light coming from these open spaces brightens up his breakfast and day.

Mixing it up

The kitchen is a mixture of natural and modern. Anybody would want to cook here and live in this beautiful house.

Beauty and comfort

Living in a cave would never have been this fancy, but then you learn new things every day. This guy proved how amazing it can be.

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