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What The Shape Of Your Face Reveals About Your Personality


The face has a rectangular shape.
These people have a square chin and forehead. Representatives of this type differ enviable logic. And they are good thinkers. But they are too zealous in their meditations. These people plan their actions and rarely talk about feelings. They work hard in order to remove the internal stress that is constantly occurring in their minds.

The round shape of the face.
This face shape is characterized by a wide rounded hairline on the forehead and sturdy, chubby cheeks, below the cheekbones. It means that we can see a kind person. They put the interests other people above their own. That's why people with a round face shape, usually are attracted narcissistic egoists. However, if you put the interests of partner priority, then you can often get do not what you want from a relationship.

The diamond shape of the face.
Acute forehead and chin form a rhombus with the help of elongated cheekbones. These people love to take the situation under control. They are focused on the details, so that they are excellent workers. The representatives of the diamond type of person are in the exact words, communicate a lot and well with others. However, it should only argue them, then they immediately resort to jokes and taunts addressed to companion.

The oval shape of the face.
Representatives of this type have a long face with a chin already cheekbones. These people know all the right things. And they can speak words that other person will certainly enjoy. They have to themselves and made to feel welcome. However, they are too focused on the desire to seem impeccable.

The square shape of the face.
This is a small face with a broad forehead and a chin. These people have the stamina and enthusiasm charged. Therefore, they can easily take for the implementation of large-scale projects.

Face in the shape of a heart.
Representatives of this type have a wide forehead and narrow chin. They have an incredible inner strength and stubbornness. You can easily compare these people with small rabbits Energizer. Their internal force is planned to achieve the goal. They have a strong intuition and inner knowledge. They can calculate moves in advance. In addition, the creativity is not been alien to them.

Pear-shaped or triangular shape of the face.
You can see a person with acute narrow forehead and wide jaw. These people want to be at the head. It is interesting that if they have a narrower forehead, then they take more power to themselves. Representatives of this type of person is often very successful.

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