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What Does Your Hair Length Say About You


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Know yourself according to the hair length you have.

Ear Length Hair

You are intelligent, your hair length is smart and no-nonsense, just like you. You're a quick thinker and always get straight to the point.

Chin Length Hair

You are creative-no matter what the problem is, you always find a solution. You have a great eye for design and people love your style.

Neck Length Hair

You're very caring and compassionate. You care about human and animals alike. All of your compassion makes you an amazing friend and confident.

Shoulder Length Hair

Your hair reflects your versatile personality. Sometimes shy, sometimes super outgoing, sometimes depressed, sometimes really happy - your moods can turn on a dime.

Armpit Length Hair

You are down to earth person, you are logical and grounded, and you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground no matter the situation.

Waist Length hair

You are extremely honest (almost to a fault!). People love going to you for advice because of your truthful ways. You ALWAYS tell it like it is.

Bra Strap Length Hair

Your hair shows you are very youthful. These women are dubbed as “low maintenance” by men. They have a happy go lucky outlook.

Hip Length Hair

Difficult to manage. Women with so long hair are very feminine and chic. These women don't mind going an extra mile to look absolutely gorgeous.

Tail Bone Length Hair

You flirt a lot. These women have a strong personality but they like to be in touch with their feminine side as well.

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