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What Does White Spots On Your Nails Tell About Your Health...


Have you ever noticed any milky white spots on your fingernails? If, yes, then, these spots or lines are nothing to do with any calcium deficiency rather, it is a medical condition known as 'leukonychia' that can also be called as white discoloration. Sometimes, the discoloration can be a sign of any past injury occurred on the base of your nails. But, if you observe the patch or blotch on your nails very often then, you honestly need to track down the origin of the disorder. And the source is undoubtedly hidden inside your body itself. Want to know the source causing the spots? Then read the whole article, folks.

One of the most common nail abnormalities

I already told you about the white discoloration and now have a look at the disorder.

How leukonychia causes?

When the air bubble trap inside the fingernail, white spots are caused.

How they look like?

Sometimes, they just leave a spot on your nail and the other times, they cause wavy horizontal lines.

Does nail injury causes the whiteness?

Ya, the only reason behind the discoloration is not the trapping of an air bubble, rather, it can also be caused due to some minor injury to the matrix of your nail.

Does heredity plays a role?

The doctors say that the cause of the discoloration can also be heredity or any medical issue.

What are the preventive measures?

It is always suggested by elders to consume protein rich food and, believe me, the day you will start intaking adequate amount of protein, your health related troubles will vanish in a snap of fingers. And consumption of zinc-containing food can end up your white spot issues.

And, still, if it remains persistent, then...

You need a medical attention as the disorder can lead you to a severe organ failure.

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