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Weird Things Girls Love, But Don't Ask For


We all have our fetishes, and they can range to creepy, odd and even freaky! However, there are a few things that one can find almost common in a general class of people. Let's take women, for instance. They too crave for a certain few things, and even if they don't say it out loud (which is usually the case), they still want it. And here are ten of them. So check them out, because this is probably your best chance of knowing what they are!

1. Blindfolds

After '50 Shades Of Grey,' there are many women who're really into blindfolds.

2. Playful restraints

So long as there's trust, playful restraints are a good option.

3. Take pictures

Some women might want you to take pictures of them in private. Maybe it makes them feel sexy.

4. Taping them

There are even some who might be into getting taped. Yes 'some'!

5. Role playing

It does sound fun, and apparently, it turns women on. So that's something they might secretly want.

6. Sex toys

Just something to spice up the experience.

7. Dirty talk

A little dirty talk can be quite an added flavour.

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