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Using This Deodorant Can Be The Worst Decision Of Your Life


You wouldn't want to smell like a pile of sweaty shit, do you? Hence, the answer is deodorant. It is a basic product every one of us has a habit of using. Now, let's not get into the vivid details of how the product is actually manufactured or the tons of chemicals used in process and whatnot! But, just for one second consider a scenario in which the chemical balance of a deodorant is disrupted, even if just slightly. What will you get? A freaking disaster. 23-year-old Rodney Colley learned it the hard way. Go through his story and you might get an itch of trashing your deodorant right away.

Colley woke up to this rash.

According to him, it appeared like a "diaper rash" at first but then it got worse when he took the shower.

After showering..

..the rash became worse and dark.

Old spice was the culprit.

His new deodorant turned out to be the reason behind the rash which looked more like a chemical burn.

There are others as well.

Others have reported on twitter about the similar incidents taking place with them and claiming that it was the result of using Old Spice products.

Not the first case.

The consumer affair page of the company has one-star ratings of the product due to similar incidents taking place with many customers.

What is the reason behind it?

There are some people who have linked the issue to the ingredient aluminum chloralhydrate but what exactly is causing it is very unclear.

Propylene glycol can be the issue.

Customers who are going through the problem are recorded to be allergic to propylene glycol.

So is this the answer.

Okay, maybe the ingredient propylene glycol is the problem but why is that only Old Spice is causing the reaction.

Here's why..

It's because Old Spice is the only brand which uses propylene glycol in its product.

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