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Top 7 Gel Nail Art Designs

Beautiful and long nails look elegant and attractive. A well manicured nail speaks a lot about the person's personality. It is very important to moisturize your nails and take proper care of it. Gel nail adds extra drama and effect to the nail. The gel nail look is glossy and is very appealing to one's eyes.

 To do the gel nail art basic products required are a good base gel nail polish coat, nail polish of any color and transparent nail paint. These are basic things needed; rest can be added according to your taste.

In this article we will look at the top 7 gel nail and learn how to do it.

1.    Basic gel nail:

It is one of the easiest arts. All you need is a good brand nail gel coat. Apply it as your base and then nail polish of your preference. Complete your look with a transparent nail coat to your nails and you are done.

2.    Glitter gel nail:

Apply a very thin coat of gelish nail foundation as your base coat. Now put gel 2 extreme shine top coat to your nail of the same brand gelish. Now take the loose glitter of silver color and just sprinkle it over your nails. Now put another layer of the top coat and go ahead and sprinkle more glitter over your nails. To complete the look apply the top coat for the last time and you are done.

3. French manicure with gel infill:

Gel infill makes French manicure look more appealing than before. For it clean your nail and apply natural gel oil to your nails and then base coat. Apply white gel nail polish to your tips of the nails. At the end put the transparent coat and cure your nails for 2 minutes under UV light.

4. Fun summer look:

Apply the gelish simple sheer nail polish as your base coat. It looks very natural. Take the color according to your preference and apply it to your nail tips as shown in the picture. To the complete the look apply gelish top coat and let it set. Keep your nails under led light for 45 seconds and your nail resembles the picture.

5. Glitter gradient gel nail:

Apply the glitter gel polish base coat and add bottom color to it. Now apply the top color of your choice and gently blend it with finger or sponge. Cure it for 45 seconds under led light and then re-apply. Add glitter to your nails and apply the top coat. Finish your look by applying cuticle oil.

6. Cute valentine gel nail:

On a valentine eve, it is the perfect look with glitters and soft blossom colors. First put the gel nail coat as your base to all your nails. Then on little finger apply baby pink color and after it dries put the transparent. On the next nail apply white color and draw lines with golden glitter and give a transparent coat to it as well. Then on next finger sprinkle golden glitter and apply transparent coat. Now go on with the sequence and complete the look.

7. Sexy polka dots gel nail:

Polka dots are very trendy. To get this look apply the gel nail base coat first and then apply a good red and white nail polish on alternate nails. After you complete doing this the nail which is painted red draw dots with white color and for white nails draw red polka dots. Let it dry and apply the transparent coat to finish your look.
Try this new gel nail ideas on your nails and make it the talk of your town!


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