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Tips to Get Shiny And Silky Hair In A Week

Every girl wishes to have a long, soft shiny hair but that is possible only if you take good care of it. Some of them are blessed with silky hair naturally but the others, who are not, do not have to be sad as there are many other options for you too.

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To get great hair, you must follow certain basic rules and they are:

  • Oil your hair regularly: Oil is very essential for healthy hair and its growth

  • Diet: For good hair growth you must ensure that you are having a well-balanced diet. Your diet should consist of green leafy vegetables, almonds, eggs, fruits etc. This will help you to get great looking healthy hair.

  • Hair cut: You have to trim the end of your hair every six months to avoid split ends and other issues related to hair.

  • Use good products on hair: Find out your hair type and use shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair and scalp.

  • Avoid chemicals: Avoid using any kind of chemicals on your hair as this makes the hair extremely dry and dull.

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