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Tips on Having Any of The Artificial nails

Looking at the trends these days, everyone wants a little glimmer and shine. Right from the eye shadow to the make up, and even nails too. Nail art is common, innovative and creative, and to have long slender nails, the likes of film stars are every girls dream. However, some of us aren't blessed with such nails that can stand the paint over time. Nails chips pretty often, so how do we make our nails look beautiful? The answer is artificial nails!!

Why artificial nails?
1.    They give your hands a manicured look
2.    Brittle and uneven nails are a thing of the past
3.    Gives a polished look
4.    One doesn't have to be too bothered and no extra care needed
5.    You can embellish your natural nails with artificial ones on your own

Tips on maintaining those lovely artificial nails:
1.    Search for a nail salon near where you live and work, but first check for its reputation by reading reviews online. Speak with friends or family members to know of such places and visit them. The place should be professional, hygienic and clean.

2.    Should you feel the need to carry along your own manicure kits, let the salon know about the same? If you do us the kit provided by the salon, it should be clean, fresh and new.

3.    A nail appointment should be scheduled to ensure that the artificial nails are kept in shape and maintained. The technician should help you with this once every two weeks. They would fill and file the nails, get the cuticles doused in moisturising nail creams and polish the nails too

4.    The cuticles need more care, as in daily moisturising is a must or else you would have dry and infectious cuticles. Use a softener for cuticles, which brings down infections and broken skin risks

5.    Rubber gloves should be worn while artificial nails are on your fingers. Do this when you cook, clean, wash or use anything you deem harsh to the gentle artificial nails

6.    If the nails break, do not engage in DIY to repair them, call the nail technician, fix an appointment and get them repaired. If you clip artificial nails on your own, you would end up with deep cracks that look ugly and are painful too. Hence call the pros for those repairs

7.    Injured and infected nails need to be healed before you can have artificial nails embellished

8.    Never use acetone to remove nail polish which is on any artificial nail. What you could use instead is a nail polish with no acetone in it, should an emergency arise. Or, as most women do, they just leave the nail and seek help from the pros, which is advised

9.    Nail care tools are yours, and they shouldn't be shared. No matter how close you are, infections too are shared when someone uses your clippers, scissors and files.

10.    Professionally have the artificial nails removed so that the natural nails below them aren't damaged.

Word of advice:
If you have recently placed artificial nails over the natural nails you were born with, please wait for at least four months before removing them and putting new artificial ones in their place. The natural nails need a break, they need to breathe and for that a professional manicure would do wonders.

We hope this information on the ten best tips to care for artificial nails comes in handy. Be trendy but be wise at the same time when using and caring for artificial nails. Everyone wants to look beautiful, but dont overdo it.

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