Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-This Toddler's Makeup Done By Her Aunt Has Gone Viral On The Internet

This Toddler's Makeup Done By Her Aunt Has Gone Viral On The Internet

One day a young aunt was baby sitting for her baby niece and that's how the story begins. Roey, a 3 year old todder approached her aunt Samantha Parsons, 18, to give her a make over just for fun. The aunt came up with a unique idea that's been driving the internet crazy!  Let's check out what how this cute 3 year old got a make over and it turned out to be super hilarious!

Adorable Roey

She looks so sweet and innocent as herself but what was the end result of the makeover, will totally shock you!

What a little bit of makeup can do!

Roey might be 3 years old, but she is definitely adventurous and likes to try different looks! She's never been satisfied with the basic lipstick and eyeliner as her makeup, but this time, it went a little too overboard.

So the aunt took things to a whole different level.

With some additional make up and about 10 minutes or so, this master piece was created.

Roey is surely the born poser!

See how she manages to strike various poses for her aunt to click some snaps of the new makeover.

It's shocking how much attention the toddler is getting on the internet and apparently her aunt is also one makeup expert!

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