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This Is What Your Period Is Saying About Your Health! Every Girl Should Know This...


Your period comes and goes every month, but it's time to look before you flush and find out what's normal and what's not about your monthly visitor. Women need to understand that their periods may be telling them something about their health. Most people don't like to talk about problems, and this can cause minor to serious health issues to go unnoticed.

The color of your period can reveal a lot about your hormonal health. Hormones are continuously changing during a four-week cycle, which can impact the color and consistency of your menstrual cycle. Women will typically experience one of the three color patterns during their period: frozen mashed-up blueberries, strawberry jam, and cranberry juice, said Alisa Vitti, a holistic health counselor and functional nutritionist, on The Dr. Oz Show.

Periods that are similar in texture and color to FROZEN BLUEBERRIES may be an indicator of high estrogen levels. This would also cause a heavier cycle than normal because higher estrogen levels mean the uterus lining could be thicker than normal.

Menstrual cycles with a lighter color, similar to STRAWBERRY JAM may be a sigh that estrogen levels are low. These cycles may be irregular and often late because less estrogen means thinner lining. For some women, a light flow is related with birth control use.

Lastly, periods that have a nice saturated and red color - CRANBERRY JUICE - are normal and tend to start and end on time. However, women with these periods should always be on the lookout for premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Although many women think having PMS is normal, it's not. PMS is one of the first signs that the body may be on the path toward a hormonal imbalance.

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