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This Is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About Your Personality


The cold deliciousness that is ice cream is surely one of the favored desserts by all. Not only it is devourable, but the chunks of flavors every bite attacks at your taste buds is simply heavenly. For every ice cream lover, there is one flavor they are biased to whether it is chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or any other sweetness. Now, we all know that palmistry can depict a lot about your personality but did you know that the ice-cream flavor you choose can do that as well? No? Be ready to be pleasantly surprised.Here comes the ice-cream tsunami.

Bubble gum ice-cream.

Let me guess your favorite it Minions?
You are the kid in the house who loves to create troubles. However, at the end of the day, you are very innocent at heart.

Cookie Dough ice-cream.

You are a free spirit who is always keen on adventures. What's your dream? To own a motorcycle and travel the world on it? Optimism is your thing, and you always see the bright side of everything even when nothing is going the way you wanted it to. It is quite difficult to bring that smile off your face.

Coffee ice-cream.

A very introvert person who could be found engrossed in his/her books in a silent corner of a coffee shop. Being by yourself is your idea of fun, and sometimes you like to have a long walk and maybe meet up with some of your college friends. You can also go for a beer when the mood demands.

Strawberry ice-cream.

If you prefer strawberry flavor over others, then you are a rather shy and reserved person who tends to follow the leaders. You are fiercely loyal to your family and friends, choosing to stay behind the scenes than being the center of attention. Plus, you could be easily described as a logical and thoughtful person who weighs all their options before making any decision.

Mint chocolate chip ice-cream.

You are definitely one heck of a person being a mint chocolate chip lover. Often described as confident and ambitious, you are very skeptical about life. Also, you can be really stubborn when you want to but one this is undeniably true and that is you are extremely focused on future, always work on future plans and think ahead of time.

Pistachio ice-cream.
You are very creative and bright, always interested in doing something innovative and new. It could be said that you have always gone with your heart, even at places where you were not always welcomed.

Mocha chip ice-cream.
You give off the vibes of being a reserved person on the first impression but as you gradually open up to be someone with very strong and unique personality. You might be living in a city at this very moment though your heart still belongs to the country and dreams about opening up your own farm there. Your talent has no bounds, and you can easily attract like-minded people.

Caramel ice-cream.

Caramel has a very deep exquisite taste to it and very similar to the flavor, your soul is bottomless. Yoga or meditation is something you enjoy doing the most. Your work should keep heart pounding with thrill, it should be exciting enough to keep you engaged. On one hand, people are intimidated by you and on the other hand they find you very sweet and caring person.

Rocky road ice-cream.

Probably a very crafty and resourceful person, you are very much keen upon working on DIY projects you explored on Pinterest. A very firm believer of throwing low-budget parties, you are naturally attracted to big complex patterns and super bright colors. However, this doesn't imply that you are an overly extrovert or a loud person.

Vanilla ice-cream.

Vanilla lovers sometimes feel boring while choosing this good old flavor of ice-cream but you guys are anything but that. Not only you do have a vibrant personality but are the ultimate risk takers who choose to rely completely on their intuition than on simple logics. Setting up your targets and achieving them is what you strive for. Also, you seek out security and stability when it comes to relationships.

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