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This Device Allows Pregnant Women To Play Music To Their Fetus, Wow!


Dolphins can detect the fetus of pregnant women in the initial weeks. Whereas just after 4 months of pregnancy, babies themselves get considerably active and even respond to the music. But they can't hear the music played outside the womb. So, an instrument named Babypod has been devised for diffusing the sound waves straight through the vaginal wall to the fetus.Spanish scientists have come up with the first vaginal speaker system for the babies in the womb. Apart from enjoying music, there are many cute things that babies like to do inside their mother's womb. Recent study suggests that every pregnant woman must use Babypod to play music to their fetus. Scroll down to know more!

Playing music helps in early neural development of the baby.

Pregnant ladies can use Babypod to provide supreme quality and clearly defined music to the unborn baby.

This study was carried out by Spanish scientists at the Institute Marques.

Scientists studied the effects of music on the fetus. It was found that music serves as a first stimulus of learning for the unborn baby.

Study also found out that babies don't respond to the headphones placed on mother's bump.

Babies just respond to the music conveyed inside the uterus.

Infants react to the music by moving their mouth and tongue.

Babypod has a bulb-shaped speaker on one end and a cord on the other end. Cord can be inserted in any smartphone to play music for the fetus. The outer pad and filter of Babypod must be cleaned using mild soap and water on regular basis.

The small bulb-like speaker is made out of Silicon.

You need to place the speaker just like a tampon so that the music can reach properly through the vaginal wall to the fetus.

In this manner, music can reach directly to the baby's ears.

The speaker is designed in such a manner that it doesn't pose any harm to the pregnant mom or the baby.

The speaker has sound intensity of 54 decibels similar to the volume of soft conversation.

Battery, Bluetooth or radio frequency is not used in this instrument for safety purpose.

Study found out that music activates the neurons in brain.

This helps in a quick communicative development of the babies. Babypod also helps in recognizing a deaf child.

The benefits of music for fertilization in embryo incubators were studied in 2013.

According to Dr. Marisa Lopez-Teijon, ovules that were given music showed 5% improvement in fertilization. Later she carried out her study on 14-39 weeks pregnant women.

The hearing ability of babies develop around 16th week of pregnancy.

The study showed that 87% of fetus reacted to music delivered through the vaginal wall by moving their mouths and tongues.
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