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The Truth Behind Birth Control Side Effects You Can't Neglect


Doctor Pe?a-Robles says, one can undergo painful pelvic pain and $ex due to the dip in estrogen. It can lead to sexual side effects like decreased lubrication, low libido. If you are going through the same condition, immediately contact your nearby doctor.

Aerobics Time

According to Beth Kneib, pill causes harmonic changes in the body which can affect one's eye vision causing dry-eye symptoms. It can even lead to a larger problem.


Women can experience depression while taking the pill if the symptom is common in her family. Their neurotransmitters can be affected by the pill's synthetic hormones. In this case, the doctor may prescribe a non-hormonal birth control option.

Blood Clots

Out of 10,000, it is found that 3 to 10 women who take pills have developed blood clots. Women who are over 35 and who smoke or overweight are more prone to the condition. If you encounter the same situation, you must seek immediate medical condition.

Extreme Migranes

Using pills can drop in your estrogen levels, which lead to severe migraines. Dr. Pe?a-Robles says, this can happen just before your period and later in your menstrual cycle. You must consult your doctor and ask them to change your pills.

Yeast Infection

If you are taking contraceptives and have poorly-controlled diabetes or high in alcohol or a weakened immune system may undergo more yeast infection. Use prescription or Antifungal cream to get rid of the infection.

Contraceptive Side Affects

Birth control pills have been known for their side effects since their invention. But, there are some adverse symptoms, which you might not realize were caused by the oral ingestion of these contraceptives.

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