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The Bionic Girl Who Rarely Eats Or Sleep. Is She Made Of Steel?


There are millions of diseases that come up everyday. Scientist scratch their brains out for searching a cure and saving people. Doctors diagnosed Olivia Farnsworth with a rare disease. She did not cry, did not sleep, she din't even eat!! She can stay up for three days and nights and she is least interested in food. She is the only person in this whole world who has these symptoms and is diagnosed with such a thing… Do read her story and find out what happened to her…

1. Olivia Farnsworth, seven, diagnosed with a rare chromosome 6 deletion

She can barely eat, sleep or feel any pain. She can go up to three days and nights without sleeping. Ms. Trepak (her mother) said that Olivia never cried like a baby and stopped sleeping in the day from the age of nine. Due to her condition, her hair growth was also not proper until she was 4. As she grew, she became a fussy eater and had nothing but milkshakes, and, later on, chicken noodles. In fact, she lived on butter sandwiches for about a year. Her mother said, "She doesn't feel hunger so I can't threaten her like other children by saying if you don't eat that you'll not get this as she isn't bothered."

2. Ripped her lip and had a plastic surgery

Once she fell badly and ripped her lip off. Still she did not utter a word of pain. She had to go through a major plastic surgery to correct it.

3. She is strong and healthy

She is absolutely fine and has no other problems, nor she holds any danger to her family and friends, but still sometimes she suffers from an emotional outburst.

4. She can not sleep

She is on medication for having sleep every night. If she does not take those meds, then she does not sleep.

5. She was knocked down by a car and dragged down the street

She has no sense of danger. She was run down by a car, almost about ten car lengths. Her mother said, "It was horrendous, I don't think it's something I will ever get over. I was screaming and all my other children were screaming as she ran out." But Olivia was just like, "What's going on?". She just got up and started walking back to me. "Due to the impact she had severe injuries -he had a tyre mark on her chest. But her only injuries were she had no skin on her toe or her hip. Doctors said, "what saved her from injury was she didn't tense up."

6. Her mother wants to raise the awareness of this disorder

She said, "She's head-butted me, punched and kicked me and can have outbursts of swearing which can be embarrassing if we're out in public." She also mentioned that similar thing happened with her the other day when they both were in the park, and people started wondering what's wrong. Because when they look at Olivia, you don't know what is actually wrong.

7. Ms. Trepak and Olivia

She is a very happy child, she plays and looks like a complete normal kid. Still, she suffers from that pain which is not visible to naked eyes. Her family keeps her happy and still struggles from her condition everyday and help her get through it.

8. Dr Beverly Searle, said Olivia was the only case they had heard of in the world

Ms. Trepak, who is a mother to Ella-Mae, 12, Bradlee, 10, Archie, six and four-year-old Poppy, said the family has been supported by chromosome disorder support group Unique. There is no treatment for chromosome disorders, but they cam still alleviate the symptoms.

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