Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-Side Flower Hairstyle Tutorial

Side Flower Hairstyle Tutorial

You might be visiting the hair stylist for the upcoming event or this might be eating your entire time. What if you can get your own style for yourself without consuming the much time! Well, we are here to discuss the detailed steps wise side flower tutorial hairstyle for the beautiful ladies out there. Steps of the tutorial are very easy and adoptable that a beginner can also master the steps of the tutorial with few tries of the practice. What all you need to do is, grab the tools required for the tutorial and then start following the steps of the tutorial from the beginning to the end and then get this in your own way.

You will need:

  • Hair spray

  • Hair comb

  • Bobby pins


1. Start with the clean and the dry hairs and prefer to use the day old hairs for the hair styling. Add the dry texture hair spray to the hairs if you are not carrying the dry texture and then comb the hairs thoroughly to clear the hair knots.

2. Take a section on one side and create a braid with it and it is not necessary that the braid should be perfect if it is not then also ok.

3. Now, get the braid and roll it around on the side into a circle that will take the form of a rose from the braid and then secure it with bobby pins.

4. Add some hair spray to the hairs and you are done here.

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