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She Picked Her Son From Day Care And Noticed THIS On His Body, Shocking!


Parents always want the best for their children. They always want their children to be safe and cared for. But when it comes to working parents or the parents who have day jobs, they need someone to watch over their kids. One cannot always hire a nanny and day care facility is one option that most of the parents often choose. Though most of the day care facilities are legitimate, there are some which are being illegally. A mother from Texas has become a victim of one such abusive day care facility.It was just another ordinary day when she picked up her son from day care and saw THIS over his body!

The ill-fated child attended day care at this home in Bentwood View, Texas.

John and Jeanette Betancourt received a call from day care.

Alas! No one could prepare them for what  they were about to hear.

They picked up their 4-month-old son from daycare and

..discovered BITE MARKS all over his body!

The poor child had to endure 27 bite marks!

The day care provider said that she was making lunch when she heard him cry.

Janet had no idea that the Day Care was illegal and wasn't licensed by state.

e interviewed her, we had questions for her," said Jeanette. "I asked her about being licensed, I asked her about being CPR and first aid certified. I asked her about her workers, she presented us with every piece of paper we asked for. She had licensing certificates on her wall."

The day care which according to Janet has been running for 8 years is now going to shut down.

"I don't think she needs to be in business. Unfortunately for her the charges that SAPD is trying to pursue probably won't ever allow her to be in business."

Reportedly, the bites on his body were from another child and covered his legs, stomach and face.

The child was rushed to hospital and is now recovering.

It is important for parents to be cautious and super careful while choosing a day care facility for their child.

A thorough background search is of vital importance

Visit the center and interview the provider.

You can call The Child Care Aware hotline (800-424-2246) to find local childcare resources and referral agency. This will help you find licensed centers.

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