Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-Secret Home Remedies for Hands and Feet Skin Whitening

Secret Home Remedies for Hands and Feet Skin Whitening


To make your hands and feet look beautiful you need to give them special care. You might be using some day and night creams or may be a whitening cream, but those have no prominent results. The skin of hands and feet are the most uncovered part of our body that not only manages variety of household works but also stay open to direct UV sunrays and pollution. Hence, it is observed that the skin of hands and feet tend to get wrinkled, cracked, and rough and discolored at the earliest. If you have higher melanin content, your skin becomes darker and vice versa. Direct exposure to sunlight increases the melanin production of our body and results in darker skin tone. It looks very odd when you have a fair & flawless face and your hand and legs are darker. To decrease the melanin levels go for this remedy.

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