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Scientists Are Growing Body Parts In Glass Jars In Labs, Shocking!


Brains stored in glass jars may be one of the most gruesome images that sci-fi movies have given us, and in the very near future, it does seem likely that it become a reality. Advancements in medical technology have now reached such a point where it seems plausible for organs to be artificially created in labs, and the liver seems likely to be the first one to reach the finish line in that matter. Check it out!

Awesome developments in medical science!

You must have heard of organ transplants, and probably seen organs stored in glass jars in movies. Now get ready to see something very similar become reality and totally change the face of medical science as we know it.


Advancements in medical sciences have reached such a point that it seems possible to create organs artificially in labs.

Drug testing

The benefits of being able to create organs artificially are huge. For one, they could be used for drug testing.

Organ transplant

Several people die due to the unavailability of organ donors. Synthetic organ development can help bridge this gap between demand and supply.

How they intend to create the organs

The plan is to chemically treat cells obtained from existing natural organs so as to convert them into stem cells and thus develop organ synthetically, through a process almost similar to embryonic development.

The benefits of starting from scratch

Because the process of synthetically developing organs involves starting from the embryonic stage, it can give researchers an opportunity to study diseases caused during embryonic development, and develop cures for the same!

Promising developments!

There have been several breakthroughs in this field in the recent past, and developments particularly pertaining to livers, kidneys and intestines seem very promising.

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