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Pregnant Mother Almost Died After Her Womb Blowout...The End Is Heart-Warming!


A pregnant mother Claire Gaylor, 37, faced placenta percreta that means the placenta organ started growing abnormally and was attached to the uterine wall. This breached her womb, and so she went under an emergency operation. Coma, blood transfusions and many more came in mother's successful delivery path. Read her complete story.

Mother and unborn baby almost died.

Claire Gaylor, Welwyn Garden, Hertfordshire, mother of three got pregnant in 2013. She found her pregnancy a complete bliss up to 28 weeks but after that, she felt terrible pains which made her feel that her womb is popping up.

Growing of placenta caused womb to rupture.

Besides her cesarean, Claire was in coma following her ordeal and so after 5 days she met Cody in intensive care unit. She had no idea that she gave birth to baby or she had her son.

Claire was in coma for five days.

After the horrendous pain and anguishing situation for almost 10 days, she was taken to hospital when symptoms got worse. There, due to excessive bleeding, she went under six blood transfusions and slipped in coma later. After 5 days she was back to her senses.

Cody revived by an emergency caesarean.

When doctors realized the seriousness of the condition, Mrs. Gaylor was taken to delivery suite immediately. Cody, her son had to be revived twice as he consumed so much blood in the womb itself. After Gaylor's hysterectomy both baby Cody and mother survived.

Father with son Cody says:

Claire's husband and Cody's father Mr. Matt faced awful situation when he got to know that may his wife and baby will survive. He was already told by a doctor that after his and Claire's two children, their next baby would be impossible to have. He adds later, “I am incredibly lucky to have both survived.”

Claire met Cody 5 days later.

Besides her cesarean, Claire was in the coma following her ordeal and so after 5 days, she met Cody in intensive care unit.

Mother Claire and Cody recuperated.

After battling with this rare placenta accreta ailment, Claire and Cody regained consciousness and have made absolute recovery after getting hit by almost life-taking condition during her pregnancy. Claire expresses her feelings about it and says that she finds the birth of Cody not less than a miracle.

Cody, 19 months old now.

Cody happened at 30-weeks, and now he is 19 months old, joyful and health weighing 3lb 14oz. Claire is much contented to have her whole family together.

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