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Warning: Overplaying With Your Smart Phone Induces Finger Impairment


Millions of people right now may be using their varied kinds of cell phones be it for just posting a tweet or responding to a simple text. But as it is said that "Excess of everything is Harmful", hence similarly overusing a mobile phone or excess holding it for much longer period into your hands not only affects your eyes but deforms your fingers as well. Though many more justifications are added in the list which validate that exuberance of mobile phone use causes finger defects.

1. Smartphone Pinky

Many of people are facing the issue of finger deformity. This defect has got its name as "Smartphone Pinky". It's happening due to overuse of mobile phones and holding them for a longer time.

2. Text Claw By Phones

Text claw is basically constraining pain which you might feel around your wrists or in fingers by the overuse of phones. You too can be a victim if you are using it excessively and so from now onwards pay attention towards how to use it.

3. Japanese Mobile Company Announces

Recently Japanese cell phone supplier company "NTT Docomo" also released its view on social media to aware the public about the demerits and side-effects of overstating the mobile phones.

4. What Happens When You Rely On Fingers To Hold A Phone

Many of us depend on our little finger and thumb to hold a large smartphone just to combat with its weight and to give it support. Also many of times, unconsciously we do hold our mobile phones tightly to get a tighter grip of our cell phones. Hence, be careful from today itself about it as it creates finger deformity.

5. Live Example Of An I-phone User

The person used iPhone excessively and experienced unexpected consequences of it. So, it can be learnt from his experience that holding mobile phones for a longer time can even cause abnormality in your hands.

6. Alertness About Smartphones On Social Media

It is known that using cell phones in the mentioned manner can also stimulate indentations between the joints of your fingers. A Smartphone  also causes neck pain because of spending too much time with it keeping a neck down. You can get to see people talking about it on Twitter and Facebook.

7. This Is How Your Pinky Finger Can Go Asymmetrical

Weighing down your finger by sticking onto the phone for a much wider span of time can affect in a negative way. Hence, take care before it gets too late.

8. Technology Can Cost You Much

It is for sure that you can win and cope up with the advance technology but after knowing such adverse effects of the overusing phone, it is definitely costing you a lot.

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