Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-One of these hotdogs is just a drawing. Can you spot the not?

One of these hotdogs is just a drawing. Can you spot the not?

Although sometimes art is meant to stress its detachment from the reality, hyperrealism practically erases this line. Pictures and sculptures, created by hyper realist artists, will look no different from a high resolution picture or the real thing itself, making it hard to believe this was created using such regular tools as pencils or ballpoint pens.


This hyper realistic drawing of a hotdog will fool you into believing that both hotdogs are real. If you don't see how the drawing was made, you'll think there are two real hotdogs on the paper.

The artist responsible for this mind-boggling illusion is Howard Lee, Aberystwyth, Wales, who specializes in hyper realism.

In this video, you'd be surprised to see that one of these marbles is just a drawing. Can you guess the fake one before playing the video?

How about in these Butterfinger bars?

"What motivates me as an artist is the illusion or misdirection that occurs when viewing [photorealistic works]," Lee says.

"Your brain receives information from your eyes and tells you that you're seeing something…only for you to find out that your brain was wrong! You were tricked into believing a reality that doesn't exist. In a way you have created the work yourself, through your interaction with it," Lee adds


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