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OMG! I'm Never Buying A Cough Medicine Again...


Many people prefer avoiding the intake of allopathic medicine for the simple reason that they are artificial stimulants in the body which are chemically created to perform a certain action in our bodies. And one can never tell when one of those start an unwanted reaction. Side-affects are a big concern when it comes to such medicine, and so, it is a good idea any day to opt home remedies for the little common diseases that we all keep suffering from. And so, here we are with a genius home remedy for coughs that will not only work, but will also taste great!

Home remedy to coughs

Here's a genius home remedy for cough. And it tastes good too!

Start with the sweet stuff

Start by putting one cup of sugar in a pan.

Bring in the lemons!

Squeeze some lemon juice into it and pour some water later.

Some more sweet...

Put in some honey as well.

Some ginger...

Add a teaspoon of grounded ginger.


Put in a quarter of a teaspoon of ground cloves.

After the ingredients have been put in...

Heat the mixture and stir it slowly.

Once it's heated...

Once it's heated, it will assume the form of a dense syrup.

Arrange into tablets

Let the mixture cool down, and..

Put in some powdered icing sugar

Cover them with a dusting of powdered icing sugar

And there you have it!

So here it is! Your home made remedy for cough arranged into tiny, sweet tablets!

Here's the tutorial video of the same!

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