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Miss Universe Contestants' Bare-It-All, Incredible!


This year's Miss Universe models have decided to bare-it-all. When you read bare-it-all you must be thinking that they are gonna strip down and pose for pictures. If you think so then you might be wrong. In this campaign, the models are posting selfies with no make-up. This was initiated by the Miss Universe herself. She believes that they don't only look good when they have loads of make-up on. They can also look bold as well as beautiful without make-up. Read on to get to know about all the models who have taken this initiative.  

Monika Radulovic:

She has been crowned Miss Australia. She decided to take part in this campaign by completely washing off her makeup and tying her hair in a ponytail. She smiled at the camera like a normal lady.

Joanna Cooper:

Joanna is 21 years old and has been crowned Miss Ireland already. She also posted a no makeup selfie online with a decent pout in the picture. This campaign is basically for women to feel self-confident. Women of today need to be bold.

Francesca Cipriani:

Miss Ecuador Francesca Cipriani posed for a no makeup selfie along with the others. She posted a selfie while she was out and she definitely looked very pretty even without the cherry lips. These campaigns should be encouraged as they promote natural beauty.

Laura Spoya:

She is the current Miss Peru. She also posted a selfie of herself without the makeup and she looked very pretty without the makeup also. This clearly shows that these models are naturally beautiful apart from their show looks.

Toria Nichole Penn:

She has been crowned Miss Bahamas. She posted a selfie in the morning which was captioned that she woke up fresh and was ready to do this. This campaign has surely spread a lot.

Clarissa Molina:

Clarissa Molina of the Dominion Republic who had been crowned the Miss Dominion Republic posted this no makeup selfie in which she looked absolutely gorgeous. She proved that she can look beautiful without the makeup on.

Claudia Barrionuevo:

Miss Argentian proved that she is equally beautiful as she is with makeup by posting this wonderful selfie. Her smile looks way too perfect.

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