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Know About Your Tummy Shape And Ways To Purge It Off

Now and then people are becoming more self-conscious about their appearance and so everyone wishes to wear figure hugging dresses but the actual problem lies in sorting out – What typically does the belly carries and how to get it trimmed off to have the desired look.This is how different tummy shapes can be categorised along with knowing its root causes and can even take proper care of it.

1. A Pot Shaped Wine Tummy

It basically looks like pot shaped belly which gets prompted due to drinking alcohol. So, if you want to get rid of this, just monitor the intake of drinks and calories associated which may help you in resisting the another glass of wine.

2. A Spare Tyre Or Bloated Tummy

For all those who have a hard to touch belly class and because of no exercise and formation of gases in guts it is getting expanded on scale so you need to take a proper diet including fresh fruits, lactose free meal and artificial sweeteners.

3. A Stress Seizing Tummy

More sagginess around belly and droopiness near waistband is all because of stress. So, if you take a lot of stress it disposes of extra energy in the form of tummy fat. Try and reduce your stress levels, intake slow release carbohydrates like oats or spinach.

4. A Pear Shaped Tummy

Just like a pear, if you have a slim waist but a heavy bottom or saggy bags around hips. Many women after pregnancy or puberty find hormonal changes in herself as a result of which such shape is formed. If you fall in this category, the best you can do is avoiding foods containing saturated fats and start including green leafy vegetables in your meal.

5. A Mummy Tummy

The name itself speaks about is that after a woman has gone through her pregnancy stage and still after many months of it finds something missing in her original previous belly size. So, for more toning sit-ups and few consulted floor exercises you should follow.

6. A Thyroid Caused Tummy

The thyroid gland in the body if starts producing less of thyroxine hormone can give the whole body a puffy look with heavy arms and tummy. This special kind of tummy can be targeted by the diagnosis and proper drugs along with the inclusion of iodine amount in the meal to control this deficiency.

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