Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-It's Long And Wet, See What Happens When She Sticks It Out

It's Long And Wet, See What Happens When She Sticks It Out

See What Happens When She Sticks It Out

The tongue is one of the sense organs out of the five sense organs present in human body. It is longer than an individual how he/she thinks because of the muscular organ which actually extends all the way back to the epiglottis that is a flap of cartilage in the back of your throat.

Longer than you think.

The length of the tongue you made calculations in your mind is quite longer than you think. Ok! Not too long as shown in the picture but it is.

Muscular Organ Extends

The muscular organ of the tongue extends all the way to epiglottis that is present in the throat which is just a flap of cartilage. When you swallow something, it is the epiglottis which blocks the wind pipe.

Want to know exact length?

It is calculated that right measuring it from the epiglottis to the tip, an average adult's tongue is likely more over three inches.

Bound to be outlier.

It is being described about the human body, which are bound to be outliers.

World record for longest tongue.

The world record for longest tongue is currently hold by Nick Stoeberl who is a Californian.

Well! Easier to have an Ice cream.

His tongue is four inches long from tip to closed lips.

Longer than anyone.

His exposed part is longer than anyone in their entirety.

How long is yours?

Every one must be knowing this lady who could give Stoeberl a run for his money.

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