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The Internet Is Going Nuts Over The Puppies Who Look Like Your Favourite Food


There may be times in your life when you might have found yourself at an impasse, totally confused over making a decision. I almost gave up while making a choice between a puppy and food. You see, I am both a dog lover as well as a foodie. When I came across these pictures of puppies who looked unbelievably similar to food, I was amazed. Those cute puppies and mouth watering food stole my heart away. It may sound selfish, but I choose food every time. Guess what, I was hungry.

1. Puppy Or Bagel?

Aww, that Bagel is as cute as the puppy.

2. Chihuahua Or Muffin?

Mouthwatering muffin just came back to life. Beware! it barks.

3. Labradoodle Or Fried Chicken?

OMG! they look so similar. I would have mistaken that pup for that chicken, and it would ended up in my stomach.

4. Shar-Pei Or Croissant

I mean that is amazing. That toothsome Croissant looks just like Shar-Pei.

5. Pug or loaf.

Aww, sleepy pug. Wakey wakey , someone would mistake you for that loaf and you would scare the hell out of them.

6. Dalmatians or IceCream.

Who won't love to have ice cream but then there are these cute puppies who are stealing your heart. Hard decision to make.

7. Pug Tail Or Cinnamon Bun?

That toothsome Cinnamon Bun. Now every time I would look at my Pug's tail it will make my mouth water. You might have had enough of delicious food. Now check out some amazing pictures of puppies looking for something unexpected.

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