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If Your Tongue Looks Like This, Run To A Doctor Immediately


Tongue is known as the strongest muscle in the body that is compiled of group of assorted muscles that helps in lot of things like- chewing, swallowing and tasting food. A healthy pink tongue often becomes troublesome when suffers from outlandish tongue problems including soreness and discoloration.  Though many of problems are insincere and can be resolved easily, but few of them can be severe and for them proper healing actions need to be taken.

1. Geographic Tongue

Map tongue or Geographic tongue is one of the unusual tongue conditions. As the name suggests the tongue is this case looks like a map. This tongue is characterized by reddish raised patches unlike the normal pinkish tongue bumps called papillae. But the best thing about this condition is that it's actually mild, harmless and not associated with the cancer disease or any type of infection. In a case of any inflammation, visit doctors for supplements.

2. Fissured Tongue

Fissured tongue is the most common condition amongst people described by the cracks or crimps on the top surface of the tongue. The fissures basically lie in the midmost part of the tongue. This case is mostly found in men and children with the down ailment. It is an innocuous tongue state. So there is no assumed treatment available for it.

3. White Tongue

White tongue includes a whitish coating or layer that develops on the top most skin of tongue. It is known that white tongue may carry a lot of sources like - oral thrush, oral lichen planus that is a result of yeast infection that is also caused to people with weaker immune systems. To encounter this difficulty, it is advised to take care of proper dental hygiene along with the needed medications.

4. Black Hairy Tongue

Black tongue is the most dreary tongue condition of all. In this condition the tongue becomes dark and furry at the centre. This mode is temporary and benign and is caused due to presence of excess bacteria or yeast in the mouth. The papillae or normal white bumps lengthens itself and allows hair like projections to grow. It is found that the factors like - smoking, drinking coffee in excess or poor oral hygiene are the reason behind it. To combat with this problem, brushing and cleaning with simple oral hygiene supplements is helpful.

5. Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia is a condition that relates with the thick white spots around cheeks and tongue. Leukoplakia is not harmful by its own but as an early sign, it can be associated to cancer. Intake of tobacco is found to be the main cause that causes this condition. So for further detailing, it is recommended to visit a doctor in case you observe any such symptoms.

6. Red Or Strawberry Tongue

Pink tongue turning reddish is another frustrating tongue condition. In few instances the tongue resembles a strawberry with red-dotted spots. It is matter of vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin B-12 or scarlet fever that tends to cause the reddish look over tongue. For this, topical medications are prescribed so as to ease the soreness.

7. Sore Or Bumpy Tongue

Sore or Bumpy tongue is caused by multiple factors including smoking, canker sores, burning sensation in the tongue. Also biting or scorching of the tongue accidentally can cause trauma or bumps over the tongue. The sores that last for more than a week or two are a matter of concern and for the same you should consult doctor as soon as possible.

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