Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-If You See Any Of These Signs On Your Body, This Is What It Means...Beware!

If You See Any Of These Signs On Your Body, This Is What It Means...Beware!


Water is one of the human's basic necessity. Without water no one can survive, neither me nor you. Water is most crucial factor that helps in proper functioning of body in top shape. Water keeps the hydration level of the body normal only in its purest form.But somehow we fail to drink enough water as a result of which our body start sending hints to make an indication of insufficient water level.Know what these symptoms are so that next time you be more careful towards it.

#1 Frequency of urination

A normal person urinates 6 to 7 times a day and if you are urinating less than 3 times a day then you should start consuming enough water positively.

#2 Headaches

Headaches are very common among those who do not drink sufficient amount of water. The headaches that occur due to dehydration are worse than any normal headache.

#3 Dry skin

You may have heard that by drinking enough water the skin glows and looks fresh. But if you find dryness in your skin then it's a hint that you are not taking in right amount of water.

#4 Pigment of the urine

If you observe the color of urine getting darker day by day then it's a high time to consume more water as the person who is well hydrated find the color of urine much clear.

#5 Dry mouth

Dry mouth is either due to lack of water in the body or high intake of medicines. And continuous dry mouth can damage your throat. Hence do not ignore this symptom.

#6 Dizziness

When body loses too much fluid then you may feel dizzy, hence at that point of time do not panic just drink a glass of water and nothing else.

#7 Hunger

Hunger can be a major sign of dehydration. Have you ever experienced hunger even after you had meal? all you need to do is drink water as sometimes the body mistakes thirst for hunger.

#8 Heartburn

Heartburn is a burning sensation felt by person on the chest. So if you are going through such feeling then you must know that your body is dehydrated.

#9 High cholesterol

High cholesterol is another cue that shows that the body has water deficiency. Hence, the high cholesterol levels followed by dry mouth is a major indication of dehydration.

#10 Confusion/anxiety

If a person gets confused or concerned very often then it may show that the body lacks the water supply as a result the mind do not functions properly.

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