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If You're Feeling Sick, Do THIS. It Sounds Insane, But It Works!

People usually get sick when the weather changes or something, and it is just terrible. You have to eat medicines, go to the doctor, be in bed and just suffer from pain and what not. Many a times, you just wish that there would be some miracle that takes you out of this dreadful situation. Well, you lucky human being, there is a miracle waiting for you. This miracle is pretty simple and it will solve your problem.  


What is it?

The miracle is pretty simple, all you have to do is put an onion in your socks. Yes, that dreadful thing that makes you cry is about to make you smile.

Nerve endings

There are about 7000 never endings at the bottom of our foot. All of these are connected to different body parts, according to reflexologists.

Why onions?

Onions are considered to be air purifiers. When you use them on your skin, they help to kill the bacteria and purify your blood.

Not a new one

If you believe that it is a new discovery by someone, you are wrong. This practice was common in Eastern medicine and dates back to the 16th century.

How to do it

All you need to do is cut red or white onions, put them in your socks at the bottom of your feet and sleep.


And then your cold is gone, enjoy th life!

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