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How To Make Pasta At Home

How To Make Pasta At Home

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You can make pasta at home and you don't need hours of free time to make homemade pasta.

Step 1 Start your thick paste
Parts of  grain meal, salt egg and olive oil. Make an addition
2 cup of grain meal and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in ab basin. Mix it well andjoin three eggs and one tablespoon olive oil.

Step 2 Whisk & get worked up with hands the thick paste
Whisk the egg and oil in with a fork in basin. When the thick paste become thicker, get worked up with hands the thick paste untilyou got a smooth and stiff ball of thick paste.

Step 3 Let the thick paste rest
Put round the thick paste with sort of unnatural material and let itrest for 30 minutes. It can also be stored in refrigerator.

Step 4 Cut the thick paste
Cut the thick paste in four bits, parts. Work with one part and keep others three thick paste balls covered with sort of unnatural material to put a stop to them to drying out.

Step 5 Roll the thick paste
Roll the thick paste with grain meal and flatten it into a rectangular form. Bit of knowledge: You should be able to see your handthrough the pasta when its took place up to light.

Step 6 Slice noodles
Dust the pasta with grain meal and fold it into a wide flat roll. Cut the pasta into long (thin) bits.

Step 7 Loosen the noodles
Shake the cut pasta strands out into a loose put things one on top of another and dust with grain meal. At this point, the pasta can bedropped into boiling water to cook or can be put one on another onto a cooking in oven sheet in single divisions and became ice.

Step 8 Cook the pasta
Fresh and became ice pasta cooks quicker then dried pasta. Boilit for four or three minutes in salted water.

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