Makeup Tips, Nail Art Tutorials-How to do French Nail Art

How to do French Nail Art

A groomed nail is a plus point of a beautiful woman.  It enhances the beauty. Just like you take care of other parts of your body so does nail demands proper care. Nail art is the way to enhance the look of your nails.


A well manicured nail looks very classy. When one talks of manicure, French manicure is the most popular and in demand. French manicure is perfect for all the occasions and can be carried by women of any age. It is apt for women’s of working class too. This nail art never goes out of fashion. It is a trend that is being followed since ages now. You can carry it with any attire Indian or western. It goes with everything.  One need not overdo the nails rather go for the French nail art and keep it simple yet elegant. The French nail art looks natural with pink color as base and nail tips painted with white.

You need not spend money on saloons to get your nail art done. French nail art designs can be easily done in home if one follows the simple nine steps to do it.

1. Purchase your French nail art kit:

The kit is easily available in stored these days. It has generally a good moisturizing base coat, a base color, white nail polish, transparent nail polish and French guide. You can also assemble these things if you don’t get the kit.

2. Clean your nail:

The foremost step is to clean your nail by removing your old nail polish with the help of the remover.

3. Trim:

The second step is to trim your nails in equal size. For a French art long nails is perfect.

4. Shape your nails:
Now shape your nail according to your choice. It can be either be oval or square in shape. With the help of the filler give it the shape according to your choice.

5. Remove cuticles:
Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water for about 5 minutes. Apply cuticle oil to your nails and massage it for 10 minutes. Then with the help of the cuticle pusher, push the cuticles backward. Remove the dirt with the end of the cuticle pusher.

6. Buff:

Before you apply the base coat, buff your nails with the help of the buffer tool to bring a natural shine to your nails.

7. Base coat:
Apply the base coat first and allow it to dry. Choose one shade as your base color according to your taste preferably sheer pink or nude color is the best selection. Apply it to your nails.

8. French guides:
After the nail paint dries up use French guide. Just below the line of the nail smile stick them properly. Take your white nail polish and apply it to the area left by the French guide. Remove the French guide while the nail paint is still wet.

9. Transparent coat:
Take your transparent nail paint and apply it to your nails to give a finishing touch to the manicure. It gives a glossy look to your nails. You are done with your French art look.

So now when you know the steps to do it you have master the art of French manicure. Now confidently flaunt this look to whichever place you want with grace.

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