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He Drugged Women On Camera At Bars. What Happened Next Shocked Me!!!


This man goes around from bar to bar dropping roofies "date assault drugs" into ladies' beverages. Be that as it may, rather than getting captured and accused of a wrongdoing, his casualties and once in a while even their dates and companions express gratitude toward him for doing it. Meet Joey Salads, a hopeless video prankster who continues escaping with his underhandedness and anarchy since his hyper shenanigans regularly demonstrate imperative and scarily disregarded focuses.This time is no special case. In this video, Joey Salads fixes a progression of bars up with concealed cameras, so he can demonstrate how alarmingly simple it is to slip a roofie in a clueless casualty's beverage. He then hits up discussions with ladies once in a while with their life partner sitting in that spot and coolly slips a touch of something into the lady's beverage when no one's watching. It's stunning, how simple it is for Joey Salads to slip a roofie into different ladies' beverages. When she's going to get her glass, he cautions, "I wouldn't drink that in the event that I were you," and after that clarifies how simple it was for him to drop in a date assault drug.

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