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Food Products With THIS Symbol Will Make You Go Crazy

Awareness about food choices is more than a right for everyone. It is necessary for our nutrition and health–as a responsibility to fulfill since we are ‘almost perfectly' liable for the fate of our own temples. Truly, we never wished to get fooled on what we eat; we always have to assure food security and safety.Meanwhile, our food manufacturers partake on the legalities pertaining to synthesis of food supplies. It is their pride, for one, and a relevant determinant of assuring their products' quality. We must observe whether they are complying with integrity or not. These makers must show their compliance through various media. Moreover, part of which is product labelling. Aside from flaunting their marketing schemes in their packaging, they must put into label their products' nutritional level, as well as which regulatory boards–catering to certain social groups (i.e. religions)-approved such.If ever things are not that clear to you then there is an example for you. 

Are you familiar with that logo with "U" inside a hollow circle?

Look at this Nutella. Puzzling at a glance, right?

How about this box of Razzles?

It shows the same mark. Man, is it a bad or threatening thing? Does that poses a health warning?

Oooops, even Heinz has this!

Remember, this is the last time you will be innocent about it. Actually, this mark symbolizes some approval from a certain food regulatory group.

What does that mean, really?

This mark stands for products eligible for being a Kosher food.

Folks, its the Kosher food mark

Kosher is the Hebrew translation for "appropriate" or "fit". This kind of approval has a religious basis, specifically from the Hebrew bible.

Following the scriptures

For more than 3,000 years, Jews subscribe to this kind of diet. Certified kosher are blessed with better food quality, less prone to microorganisms and parasites.

Food eligible as Kosher food

Following the traditional classification of Kosher food, the food product known as ideal was stated in Genesis 1:29 of the Jewish Bible, and it is only vegetables.

Considering more bibilical accounts

Aside from vegetables, some animals and their edible products have become allowed (as time passes by) as Kosher foods: antelopes, gazelle, oxen, sheep, goats, mountain sheep, deer, wild goats, roebuck, and ibex. Specifically, these animals "chew the cud and have cloven hooves" (Leviticus, Chapter 11).

Reservations on Kosher Animals

However, animal meat products should be separated from milk products. Materials used in preparing-to-consumption procedures of dairy and meat Kosher products should always be different.

Slaughtering of Kosher animal

Only acceptable slaughtering procedure should comply to the Jewish Law. Initially eligible animal who committed mortality through natural death or improper ‘killing' will not be allowed to be consumed.

Aside from food products itself…

Other appropriate processes, area of preparation, and other certification methods are imperative for awarding ‘Kosher food' status to a certain candidate.

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