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Follow These Simple Tips To Prevent Pregnancy Easily At Home

#7 Not All Couples Doing The Deed Are Ready To Be Parents.

So to avoid an accident these couples should use contraceptives. Some of the following methods are tried an true, others are interesting home remedies that you've probably never even heard of.

#6 Condoms Are Very Effective.

COOndoms can help prevent pregnancy and limit the spread of some STD's. They are probably the easiest contraceptive to track down and purchase, too, since practically all stores seem to stock them.

#5 Pull Out Method.

Just like the name implies, the guy pulls out just before ejaculation. This method is not recommended, since the woman will be totally unprotected from pre-ejaculate.

#4 Keep Track Of Fertile Days Using A Calendar.

Using the calendar method, a woman can figure out which days she will be most fertile. S3x, and especially unprotected s3x, should be avoided on those days, which are five days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and the day after ovulation. This is not practical as a sole method of contraception, but used with others it can help decrease chances of unwanted pregnancy.

#3 Drinking Water As A Home Remedy For Preventing Pregnancy.

There's a theory that drinking lots of water can help prevent pregnancy, but it has never been proven. It's more of an interesting possibility, and at very least you'll never feel dehydrated.

#2 Home Remedy: Using Cinnamon To Stimulate The Uterus.

In addition to just being plain being delicious on desserts, some believe that regularly consuming cinnamon can prevent pregnancy because it stimulates movement in the uterus. This is not a proven method.

#1 Abstinence Is 100% Safe.

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