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Emirates Unveils New Airbus A380 With 615 Seats,Classy!

Emirates Unveils New Airbus A380 With 615 Seats, Classy!
Economy class is getting bigger with Emirates unveiling its reconfiguration of Airbus A380-800 planes to hold the maximum seats ever for an airliner. Look at the incredible interior.

Raising standards


Already the world's largest passenger plane, the new two-class A380 will hold an astounding 615 passengers in business and economy – but travelers in so-called cattle class will not lose any legroom inside Emirates' renovated cabin.

Challenging itself – and making it better


The luxury Gulf carrier has made room for 130 additional economy seats – 13 rows with 10 seats in each, by scrapping the spacious first class cabin and trimming 18 flat-bed seats from business class.

No lesser legroom


Passengers in the economy won't have to compromise on legroom.

Dubai Airshow


Emirates' first two-class A380 was delivered to the Dubai Airshow and will be used on the carrier's Dubai-Copenhagen route.
The two-class planes will carry about 100 more passengers than the existing three-class fleet.

Business class carries lie-flat seats


In the two-class configuration, Emirates' Airbus A380 planes will carry 58 passengers in business class, which offers lie-flat seats.

More classy!


The business class lounge


It is furnished with the premium spirits, exclusive wines, Champagne, cocktails, beer and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

To sum it up – it is a class!


After the Dubai Airshow ends, the massive four-engine plane will be used on Emirates' Dubai-Copenhagen route when it starts the commercial service on 1 December. The average flight time between Dubai and Copenhagen is seven hours and a one-way economy class ticket costs about £350 ($540).

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