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DIY Ingrown Hair Serum instant result

DIY Ingrown Hair Serum
if you see certain bumps on your face and are unable to recognize them, be aware that they might be what you call ingrown hair. Well, this is about men who can get ingrown hair on face due to shaving. For women, these bumps or ingrown hair can be there on legs, armpits or some other place where they have shaved to get rid of unwanted hair!

DIY Ingrown Hair Serum

What is an Ingrown Hair?
Simply stated, ingrown hair is that hair which has curled round and grown back into your skin. You can see the raised red spots on such areas where one or more of your hair grows inside your skin. Sometimes, these spots fill with pus and become infected ingrown hair. These ingrown hairs are not a serious issue. They are just irritating. However, the painful infected ingrown hair might become serious if not resolved soon. If you do not treat ingrown hair, it will develop into a mass under your skin that gradually thickens your skin and finally becomes a cyst. Ingrown hair cyst might turn red and infected and infection is always a thing to worry about. So, why not get rid of an ingrown hair right when you see it the first time. You can easily do so through certain home remedies. The best thing would be to prevent getting ingrown hair. But how? This we will discuss later. First let's know what causes ingrown hair so that you have some idea about how to prevent an ingrown hair.

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