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Disabled Man Surprises Wife With THIS On Their Wedding,Unexpected!

Disabled Man Surprises Wife With THIS On Their Wedding, Unexpected!

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Love knows no disability. As long as two hearts beat as one, nothing can stop them from binding together. To make a relationship more than what is expected, one's comfort zone must be shaken to be able to transform into a stronger individual, with stronger personality. With these pushing-the-limits kind of honing oneself, one's other half is always proud and supportive.  This is not your usual love story. It is about proving oneself to do better things in life in order to have happier and more positive relationahip and romantic future.

Meet Kevin Taylor


Kevin Taylor is known as the bachelor who never complains. Even though he does not have a life that is as normal as others, he goes on.

Tragic moment thirteen years ago


Taylor's leg underwent something painful, it broke.

Kevin's experience with the rare disease


Later in 2009, he was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) syndrome, requiring his legs to be amputated.

Continuing strength


The challenge given to him was not his channel for negativity. He did otherwise.

Kevin Taylor's wife whom he met


She's Kim, from Texas. She saw Kevin as a disabled person. With his overwhelming attitude, Kevin admitted that their meeting was love at first sight.

Surprise, Surprise


They finally decided to marry. What a surprise! What's more shocking is that, along the wedding preparation, Taylor has been into something he thought would make his girl happier.

Secret hes been hiding for so long


The guy has the dream to have a lovely walk with Kim in the aisle during their wedding.

Wedding day plus the day of surprise


During the entourage, a heart-warming meeting of two hearts came on.

Closer, closer to the ceremony altar
While Kim walked with his dad at the ceremony area, her strong man Kevin suddenly stood up to approach the girl.

Both standing, enjoying the most romantic moment for them
Both were standing! It's very touching. The dream, the surprise was accomplished.

What Taylor went through
Secretly, he trained to walk for a purpose. He put some prosthetic to his legs, no matter how painful. He is willing to show that he can be better for Kim.

Kim's priceless reaction
She's so proud. She knows that Taylor can do even more. Kim mentioned that even before, nothing could discourage Taylor for doing what he wants.

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