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Deaf Man Gets Surprise From His Wife, His Reaction Is Priceless

Deaf Man Gets Surprise From His Wife, His Reaction Is Priceless

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For a couple to have a baby is an incredibly wonderful thing. Whether they are husband and wife, or both men or women, a kid will always change the lives of people. If a baby is adopted or was made through reproduction, the same love should be provided by the parents. We actually have different kinds of couples in the world. Some are rich, some are poor, and some have physical differentiations. For this man, he is deaf. But, he is also going to be a father. Watch how he reacts upon realizing that he will finally be having a child of his own to love and take care of in the near future. Via

Meet David Welch


Mr. David Welch is a deaf man who also has the wife Brittany Welch.

Giving gifts


Mrs. Brittany Welch decided to surprise David regarding the baby by giving him a paper bag filled with gifts or items. Here, he gets a chocolate bar, specifically a Baby Ruth. Get it, "baby"?

Getting the clues


Each item was wrapped separately and were carefully selected to provide a clue to Mr. David Welch. Now, he gets a bottle named "Dad's Root Beer". So now, here're "baby" and "daddy".

Is he aware now?


From the look on his face, Mr. David seems to be finally understanding what is happening.

A pregnancy kit


Now, he just unwrapped a pregnancy kit that had a positive sign. They're having a baby.

He's going to be a father


Just to make sure that he would really be a father, he opened another positive pregnancy kit. It's true, and his reaction is priceless.

Having a small letter


The final thing David Welch received is a small letter that said "Surprise Daddy." Hurray!

Watch how the surprise unfolds here
Indeed, being a father is awesome!

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