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Cook Some Unpeeled Lemons And Do This, It Will Do Wonders


This timeworn remedy basically originates from German and is in practice for many generations as a cure for many maladies like atherosclerosis, high cholesterol level, weakness and cold infections. This recipe also works well if anyone suffers from poor immunity or needs to detox or cleanse the liver. Hence, this German remedy is a lot more helpful and effective in boosting up the immune system and vascular congestion.This remedy is potent in preventing calcification of organism that is caused as a result of the formation of kidney stone.

Ingredients for the recipe.

It is a very easy and simple homemade medicine that involves 4 ingredients:
1. 4 organic lemons including their peels.
2. 2 tablespoons grated ginger.
3. 2 litres of water.
4. 4 big garlic heads

Steps of preparation: #Step 1 Wash the lemons

Take 4 organic unpeeled lemons and rinse them thoroughly with the water. After scrubbing cut them into smaller pieces.

#Step 2 Peel garlic.

After washing the lemons exfoliate the garlic and take off its outer covering.

#Step 3 Put lemons, ginger and garlic in a blender.

Take lemons, ginger root and peeled garlic and add them into a mixer. Blend them until you get a fine nice texture and everything is mixed.

#Step 4 Put the mixture in saucepan.

After mixing the ingredients wholly, put the blended mixture in a saucepan.

#Step 5 Add water and mix it well.

After putting the mixture in a pan add 2 litres of water. Bring it to boil, and stir it gently until the whole mixture boils and starts bubbling.

#Step 6 Cool down the mixture.

After allowing the mixture to boil, turn off the heat and remove the saucepan from it. Then leave and let the mixture cool down.

#Step 7 When it's cooled down, filter and pour in a jar.

After the mixture is cooled down, strain it using the strainer and pour the filtered the mixture in a bottle or in a jar. And we are done, it's complete!

Usage of the remedy.

In the time period of 3 weeks, drink one glass of it an empty stomach i.e. 2 hours before meals every day. After having it for 3 weeks take a break of one week and repeat the same treatment for another 3 weeks. But make sure to have certain pauses every three weeks.

Additional note for all the makers.

You can add some honey if you find the taste of liquid made is too strong. You can also use ginger root instead of 2 tablespoons of grated ginger. You will see results after 3 weeks, as a result your body will be extremely rejuvenated and recovered.

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