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Health & Fitness

A Perfect Dieting Formula For A Perfect Figure super trick

1# We just don't know the correct proportion of food- we are as dumb as an animal on proper serving size. 2# All some people know is that 80 grams of fruits and veg a day should be consumed- but about rest...we are NULL! 3# Meat: Palm of the hand 4# White Fish: Whole hand For white fish, the portion can be the size of your hand when laid flat, including your fingers 5# Uncooked Spinach: Two…
1 years ago (09-13-2016)
Health & Fitness

This Woman Raised Her Shirt To Display Something Truly Inspiring

Being pregnant can be really difficult. I cannot be pregnant, but every single one of us has a mother who has gone through the same excruciating process so that we could live and be part of the family. We basically owe our lives to the effort and care our mothers have given us, whether we were still in her womb or when we were kids who went to school. One of the not-so-nice effects of being…
1 years ago (09-12-2016)
Health & Fitness

This Man Wants Scanners At Religious Places To Detect If Women Are On Periods. Shocking!

Women, the gender responsible for the existence of any other gender on earth, have always been exposed to humiliation by the other genders in a way or other. The taboo around menstruation as only grown with the passing decades. I believed opposite to this until I heard a man speaking something as inhuman as this. Sabarimala Temple, Kerala The new president of this temple, Prayar Gopalakrishnan…
1 years ago (09-10-2016)
Health & Fitness

Secret Drink To Remove belly Fat In 4 Days lavishtrend

This drink won't do any wonders, but with moderate nutrition divided into five smaller meals, further as regular physical activity, your waist can become dilutant, and your abdomen can change, while not every day of starvation. Eight glasses of water square measure indicated because the base of each healthy nutrition. despite whether or not we would like to lose additional pounds and maintain…
1 years ago (09-08-2016)
Health & Fitness

10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Stye Quickly

A stye is an inflamed swelling on the edge of an eyelid caused because of bacterial infection of the gland at the base of an eyelash. It causes major discomfort to the person and also makes the person look very weird. You'd always want to look good if you're going out or something and a stye can really mess you up. It also can spread to other body parts and cause a major problem to you. It's…
1 years ago (09-05-2016)
Health & Fitness

"Flight Yoga" Is The Best Yoga Trend For All Your Fitness Worries!

Long sitting hours are injurious to health. Office yoga is already gaining popularity, but don't you agree with the fact that there should exist something like "flight yoga" too? The people who have been travelling regularly in long-duration journeys on flights will certainly agree to it. For they must have undergone pains in various body parts, making their flying experience negative…
1 years ago (09-04-2016)
Health & Fitness

You will no more need glassesThousands of people improve their eyesight by using this easy method

The muscles in the body weakness if are not used regular. Therefore it is necessary to do exercises for all the muscles in the body. This can be seen in the simple example - fracture of the leg requires the use of carts during a certain period to the bone healed. But then the leg muscles are not active and thus become weak. The same thing happens with the eye muscles that surround the lens…
1 years ago (09-03-2016)
Health & Fitness

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 2 Bananas Everyday

We all want to maintain our health and for this, we can even minimise the amount of artificial and processed foods that is available in the markets these days. Nature has provided us with sufficient of yummy and healthy foods. One of the healthy foods which reduces our health related issues is banana. It is the fruit which is full of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. But wanna know more about…
1 years ago (09-01-2016)
Health & Fitness

This Body Map Reveals The Secret Button To Touch A Woman

Making the right touch when you are meeting your counterpart is of utmost importance. This determines whether your impression on that person was positive or negative. While the definition of a "right touch" will vary according to every individual's choice, we can still talk about a majority's choice. So let us see what some studies reveal about a good or bad touch. #1 Close to be seen as…
1 years ago (08-31-2016)
Health & Fitness

This Is Why You Should Always Sleep On Your Left Side

We all know, how much sleeping is important to us, to our health. Improper sleep can affect your health, and it can also weaken your immune system. Surprisingly, very few of you might know this fact that your sleeping position is also affecting your health. Oh yes! It does. Doctor Johan Douillard has explained in his research, “how sleeping on the left side of your body can save your life…
1 years ago (08-30-2016)
Health & Fitness

The Surprising Differences Between Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest And Stroke Can Save Your Life

Owing to our diet habits and the ever-increasing pace of our lives, strokes and cardiac arrests are on the rise, unfortunately. And, since we cannot possibly slow ourself down, we ought to know what to do in these worst cases. Identifying the ailments is as crucial a step as curing them. So here we give you some tips on how to do that! Heart Attacks. Heart attacks generally follow body aches…
1 years ago (08-29-2016)
Health & Fitness

5 Easy Tips To Remove Dental Plaque Successfully

Consumption of food and beverages rich in sugar leads to the building-up of mass of bacteria or biofilm on the tooth surface, which is called dental plaque. The appearance of gum diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and cavities can be attributed to it as well. The mouth is considered to be the dirtiest organ of the body as it is full with bacteria. When these bacteria come in contact…
1 years ago (08-28-2016)
Health & Fitness

This Is What The Color Of Your Pee Indicates

It's the human body nature to urinate, and also the necessity. But have you ever thought that your pee can actually reveal a few things to you? Urine test is equivalent to blood tests for many diagnosis since the earliest days of medical history. The color, density and smell of your urine can reveal a lot about your physical and internal health. How to check your pee color? Don't forget to…
1 years ago (08-27-2016)
Health & Fitness

Lose Ugly Thigh Fat Fast : Get Thin Thighs in Only 5 Minutes

Let's face it . Nobody likes having fat thighs. It looks odd , feels crappy when you are walking , cannot go out with shorts with those bulky legs and you run the risk of being called 'fat bunny' . I know many of you are embarrassed with fat legs and want to get rid of it badly . Kudos. You are in the right place !! how to get rid of inner thigh fat exercises Good news is that thigh fat is…
1 years ago (08-26-2016)
Health & Fitness

This Brilliant Trick Will Clear Your Stuffy Nose Within 2 Minutes

Weather is taking turn and our body will take some time to adopt it. But, before adopting the weather, the cold will come to us at least once. And the most disgusting thing about that is we have to clean the blowing nose again and again which may be hurting even for the nose. I am going to disclose a trick to clean the nose within 2 minutes: Remember the painful time. Again the awful time for…
1 years ago (08-25-2016)
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