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10 Of The World's Youngest Parents: OMG 6 is shocking

From a 10 year-old girl falling pregnant to her secret 15-year-old boyfriend, to an 11 year old girl becoming a mother after her distant cousin raped her. We look through 10 of the youngest parents in the world. Teenage pregnancy has always been a subject of concern for everyone. Though it is very crucial stage for women of all age groups and just imagine if a girl gets pregnant at the age of…
2 months ago (09-18)
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If you stop consuming all those foods high in sugar, sweet fruits (mostly juice), snacking, starchy veggies and a half of the carbs, especially rice and grains, and then exercise with some lighter weights for thirty minutes every day, your body will burn fat for energy and build new muscles from the proteins  for the next twelve to forty eight hours after the workout. In this article, we will…
2 months ago (09-13)
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The list that you are about to read is going to help you find out the state of your inner organs with the help of your eyes. Take a look: Disappearing eyebrows If you notice that the outer third of your eyebrow is vanishing, you may have problems with the thyroid gland. Stubborn sty If you have a sty that doesn't go away, it might indicate that you have a rare type of cancer known as sebaceous…
2 months ago (09-12)
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We are presenting you an ancient Chinese massage that you can do it yourself, also known as acupressure, on the forehead and temples. This massage is used when you experience headache pain, or when you feel pressure or tension in the sinuses area.You will be using an ancient Chinese massage preformed by yourself, known as acupressure, on your forehead and temples. It is usually a natural response…
2 months ago (09-11)
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Headaches happen to almost everyone, from time to time, and they are a part of our everyday lives. However, if you suffer from frequent headaches, did you know that one banana per day and a lot of water can help the pain go away? Although this method is very helpful, there are cases when it doesn't help at all and the pulsating headache remains. This is because there are different types of…
3 months ago (09-08)
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8 Dangerous Diseases Caused By KISSING You Must Know

Yes, I know how much you enjoy kissing. But, kissing might have a dark side too. According to a new study, kissing can lead to many diseases as well. Some of these Diseases are quite dangerous. Another study revealed that a 10-second kiss can transfer up to 80 million Bacteria. The exchanging of saliva generally causes these diseases. Read on to get to know more about them. 1. Cold Sores: There…
3 months ago (09-05)
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Spend Just 12 Mins Each Day. Here's Easy Exercises To Give You Hot Legs

The thigh region is a trouble area for many people. However, the trick to working out these muscles is to target them specifically during your exercise routine. To sculpt your thighs, you don't have to kill yourself at the gym, but you should spend at least twelve minutes of your regular routine focusing on them. In case you're experiencing difficulty smoldering your overabundance thigh fat…
3 months ago (09-01)
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Why Not To Wear Bra While Sleeping

There is a different opinion of wearing bra at night and this is a very long debate about wearing bra at night. Many women think that the bra irritates then during night and they avoid to wear it. According to the medicinal science, all those women who wear bra at night might have a stronger chances of breast cancer. These are the few reasons which prevent the women from wearing bra. Above…
3 months ago (08-30)
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How To Tighten Breast & Lose Belly Fat Both With Natural Kitchen Ingredients

How To Tighten Breast And Lose Belly Fat Both With Natural Kitchen Ingredients? This Drink helps you to loose the Belly fat over the course of time. Please remember you cannot loose belly fat by doing crash diet and only by diet. Little bit of exercise is required and you should take food according to your calorie intake.( Differs from person to person). How To Tighten Breast And Lose Belly…
3 months ago (08-29)
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Car Safety Tips During Pregnancy

Car Safety Tips During Pregnancy.  Everyone Woman Should See This Pregnant women should be very careful during their pregnancy in order to keep their baby healthy and delivered safely.While driving pregnant women should have proper awareness about wearing seat belt. Watch the video it shows safety tips for pregnant women while driving or riding in the video Car Safety Tips During…
3 months ago (08-28)
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Women: Simple Exercises Fight Bloating, Improve Digestion, And Cut Belly Fat

#6 Knees-to-chest Start by lying face up in the ground, then inhale and bring your knees closer to your chest and hold them in that position using your arms. Make sure that your back and shoulder blades stay on the floor. Hold this position for about a minute, making sure to breathe slowly. #5 Seated spinal twist Sit on a mat or on the floor if you don't have one. Bend your right knee and bring…
3 months ago (08-17)
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4 Simple Exercises That Will Flatten Your Stomach Faster and Easier Than Crunches Ever Can

You don't have to run endlessly or spend ages in the gym doing crunches to have that toned abs or that perfect flat tummy. In fact, running is not the ideal way to get flat tummy and shed off all that fat around your waist. There are several other simple exercises that you can do, which burn fat and tone the abs much more effectively. For this article, we highlight 4 exercises that will give…
3 months ago (08-16)
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How to Lose Belly Fat Quick and Easy

Tired of belly fat that makes you look like you're pregnant? Do something about it; watch our tutorial on how to lose belly fat, quick and easy. Belly fat doesn't only look unpleasant, but it can also signify that you are at risk for certain diseases. With too much belly fat, you are likely to get type 2 diabetes, dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. Fortunately, heart…
3 months ago (08-15)
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Perform This Simple Massage Every Night And Your Belly Fat Will Disappear!

Belly fat is a typical issue for both men and ladies. This issue can make them feel unreliable, and even cause more genuine wellbeing issue. The variables that impel stomach fat are age, terrible eating routine full with sugar and prepared nourishment, not getting enough rest, and stretch. So as to achieve an answer, you have to find the issue. Anyway, now and again gut fat can be an issue…
3 months ago (08-14)
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Drink This Before You Sleep At Night To Have Less Weight In The Morning! Recipe Included

Weight reduction is regularly a sore subject for some. We for the most part begin some strict practice and eating routine administration that insurances weight reduction yet frequently wind up surrendering it when we see next to no outcome for our endeavors. As a rule weight reduction happens bit by bit, over a timeframe, which won't not run down well with restless individuals who need moment…
3 months ago (08-13)
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