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Beauty Tips

6 Dangers That Hide In Your Cosmetic Products, #5 Is Lethal

Do you know about the hidden dangers of your cosmetic and beauty products? Cosmetics industry has hit the huge sales in the market every year. Various 'brainwashing' techniques are applied in the form of advertising in the multimedia, television, radio, magazines, newspapers and more commonly on web.The advertisers are giving the surety about how well the product is at reviving the skin by…
7 months ago (04-20)
Beauty Tips

How To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly

How To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly Healy's been transforming brows unique to each person for years. Here, he shares his best tips for making over your eyebrows depending on what state your eyebrows are in currently (over-tweezed, sparse, thick, unruly, asymmetrical, etc.). How To Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly…
8 months ago (04-07)
Beauty Tips

How To Make Thinning Hair Solution with Garlic & Onion Rub!

Many people face the problem of hair loss. Though losing 50-100 hairs per day is considered as normal, losing hair cause concern and mental stress in people. Moreover, acute hair loss can affect the appearance of a person and affects their confidence levels. There are many natural remedies which are capable of inducing proper hair growth and the most important and effective among them is Onion…
8 months ago (04-05)
Beauty Tips

How To Perfect Shape Your Eyebrows With Threading!

Hi visitors, here is How To Perfect Shape Your Eyebrows With Threading!. Must watch and share this video with your friends. Tired of clumsily plucking with tweezers or damaging the fragile skin around your eye with wax? The alternative is threading, an extremely old skill that involves using a piece of thread to remove the hair from your eyebrows or elsewhere. While it takes a little practice…
8 months ago (04-04)
Beauty Tips

How To Use Natural Ingredients To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

How To Use Natural Ingredients To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms In this post we are going to share with you a few Home Remedies to obtain Smooth Fairer Underarms instantaneously. Dark underarms cause uneasiness and awkwardness. It is more noticeable in fair-skinned women. Having a dark underarm frequently prevents you from wearing your preferred sleeveless dress. Hope you like this home remedy…
8 months ago (04-03)
Beauty Tips

Natural Ingredient Recipe For Long, Shiny And Smooth Hair 'Guarantee'

How To Make Coconut Recipe For Hair: First of all Take clean coconut and shred it with the help of coconut grater. Take a cheese cloth or else muslin and put a few grated coconut on it and press out the milk in a bowl. After squeeze all the milk, clean the milk to evade the grated particles of the coconut. Then warmth a pan, and transfer the milk into the pan plus cook it for 4-5 minutes. After…
8 months ago (04-01)
Beauty Tips

4 Ingredient Recipe For A Permanent Hair Straightening (VIDEO)

Most of us long to have shiny, smooth and straight hair. Straight strands are in trend, these days. Of course, permanent hair straightening gives you the expected results for one year. But, after one year, you will end up with even more bad conditioned hair with split and hardened ends. Well, there are some ingredients in your kitchen, which can straighten your hair,naturally and permanently…
8 months ago (03-31)
Beauty Tips


Apply ice cubes to your face. Place the ice cubes gently along your pores for 15 to 30 seconds. This will have a tightening effect on your skin. Make a baking soda paste. Makeup artists swear by baking soda, as it may help minimize the appearance of pores while fighting acne at the same time. If you have very sensitive skin, however, use baking soda with caution, as it may irritate your skin…
8 months ago (03-30)
Beauty Tips

Great Homemade Recipe to Whiten Hands and Feet

Dark and dull skin can be caused by overexposure to the sun, environmental pollution, a medical condition, dry skin, stress, poor lifestyle choices, and prolonged use of chemical-based cosmetic products. Many people work hard to achieve fair and flawless skin. The market is flooded with skin-lightening creams and lotions. But such products have harmful chemicals that can ultimately damage your…
8 months ago (03-29)
Beauty Tips

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Sun Tanned Skin Instantly At Home | DIY Home Remedies

Summer is here, and that brings about a bunch of problems for all skin types. Skin tanning and pigmentation being one of the main problems with the horrid heat of the Sun. Don't worry though, we're here to save you, with this easy DIY mask, for skin and body. When it comes to removing tan for your face, two popular skin ingredients come to play, that is curd and orange juice. Curd tends to…
8 months ago (03-28)
Beauty Tips

Overnight Beauty Mask To Wake Up Pretty As A Princess: Hand And Feet Brightening Gel (Video Recipe)

This mask works its magic while you're sleeping, as it responds to the skin's circadian (daily) rhythms, and its ingredients get absorbed deeper into your skin because the skin's permeability rate is higher at nighttime. he video underneath explains how to prepare the solution or read our step by step guide: Ingredients: 1 tablespoon plain yogurt; 1 tablespoon honey; 1 tablespoon lemon juice…
8 months ago (03-27)
Beauty Tips

How To Get Rid Of Plaque And Gum Disease Without Expensive Treatmens

Hello everyone, today has going to share with you home remedy that is great for your teeth plaque and gum disease. If you are looking for plaque and gum disease home remedies then this post is ideal for you. Everyone knows that teeth treatment is so costly, but don't worry this is so cheap treatment that you dine at home. Just have a look at this below. Please Wait While Video Loading…
8 months ago (03-24)
Beauty Tips

How To Straighten your HAIR With NO HEAT

How to Get Straight hair: Now you can straighten your hair or make them bouncy by sitting at home with the help of these simple and beneficial home remedies. Use lemon water by squeezing it into coconut milk. Place it in refrigerator for few hours until foamy layer covers over its outer surface. Collect this foam by using spoon. Smear it lavishly on each hair strand with hairbrush. Now, steam…
8 months ago (03-23)
Beauty Tips

Your Hair Grow Longer And Faster By Using 3 Ingredients In A Week

Hectic and busy work schedule often result in stress and depression, which directly affects our health. The polluted environment also plays a vital role in damaging our health in every possible way. Our hair becomes a major victim of all these ill issues and result can be witnessed in the form of huge hair fall, dandruff, split ends and rapid growth of gray hair. To deal with all these problems…
8 months ago (03-22)
Beauty Tips

How to make your hair grow faster than ever - 1 inch in a week

In this video, I have shown a very easy and effective homemade hair cream that will reduce hair loss and will make your hair grow longer and faster naturally in 2 weeks. It will also improve your hair health and will bring more softness and luster into your hair. phases of struggling to grow new hair so it needs a helping hand every now and then. Over the years I've experimented with different…
8 months ago (03-21)
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