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Brilliant 3-Minute Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know


Being a girl is great, and all the fashion and makeup items are the proof. It is fun to look pretty, and wear all nice dresses you can find in the shops. This is a world that makes us feel better and not only this, but also have higher self esteem. That is why today we have prepared for you all the hairstyles you need to know how to do. It does not matter if your hair is shoulder-length, or it reaches your waistline. And why you need to know these hairstyles? Because they are easy to make, and change your look if not completely, then a little. Knowing these things you can do to your hair, you can look different everyday, and it will not even take you that much time. And here they are, step by step!

Hairstyle #1 Office Chic

The first hairstyle we will present to you is especially chosen for all the working girls, who have trouble finding the right hairstyle for the office. It is perfectly fine if you put all your hair up in a bun, but if you need some change, here it is. And not only this, but this hairstyle will be ready in less than a minute. You only need to have a bobby pin. Get one section of hair from the right side of your head and put it over the left side of your head. Then start twisting it a few times. When you are happy with the way this lock of hair looks, get the bobby pin and secure the lock to the rest of the hair. If your hair is too thick, you may need another bobby pin to secure the lock of hair better. And you are done in less than a minute!


#3. Clutcher is all you need

#4. Will look perfect with your evening

#5. Braiding them at the front

#6. Easy and pretty bun

#7. Bow for short hair

#8. Secure the hair at front in a pin matching your dress like this

#9. Braiding the hair at front diffrently

#10. Formal hairstyle

#11. Match your color

#12. Tease the hair at the back

#13. A pro bun that is so easy to make

#14. Waves

#15. Bun only using a rubber band.

#16. Hair Spray and hair brush is all you need

#17. Few Bobby Pins and so much can be done

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