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Amazing Recipe To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes In A Week

Dark Circles and eye bags is the problem which is being faced by all the people when they are getting old. They want to get rid of dark circles but unable to do so due to many reasons like the products available in the market are very expansive. All those products which is cheaper in the market are not as such effective so purple get tired of knowing it’s solution. We have a homemade trick through which they can get rid of all the dark circles around the eyes and will also remove the eye bags.


Many people have an opinion that with the help of this trick, they regained their confidence and also they are looking more fresh then before. This recipe has no side effects as it is made of all the natural ingredients. Rather having avant side effects, it has more positive effects on the skin and will also nourish the skin.

Tips to remove dark circles

Proper sleep:
Improper sleep is one of the cause of the dark circles before age. So it is always recommended to have the enough sleep. For this purpose, it is important to go to the bed earlier and have a proper 8 hours sleep.

More water:
In order to get rid of dark circles under eyes, it is necessary to drink plenty of water so that the body get hydrated. It is recommended to take 7 glass ofc water each day.

Use of cucumber:
People should try to eat the salads by skipping one of the main meal. It is also be used using the tea time. Use of cucumber makes the skin soft and clear. The slices of cucumber can also be used on the eyes to get them hydrated.

Applying lemon juice:
Lemon juice contains vitamin C which is very healthy for the skin. It also act as a bleaching agent so it is used on the eyes and leave it for about 10 minutes and even rinse it. It will definitely give the best results.

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