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9 Strange Side Effects Of Everyday Food You Must Know

9 Strange Side Effects Of Everyday Food You Must Know

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If you are a foodie, it's very difficult to control the cravings. And foodies usually don't think before consuming any food, why would they? They are foodies. It doesn't even matter if you are a foodie because, during the daily course of your life, you might be consuming a variety of food that has a lot of side effects.

1. Sugar-free chewing gum causes diarrhoea

The sugar-free kind of chewing gums contain more of sorbitol, which is poorly absorbed by your intestines and hence acts as the laxative.

2. Margarine can make you aggressive

Margarine promises to give you less fat than the conventional butter, it is a cheap alternative to butter. The problem is that it makes you aggressive.

3. Carrots and dates can give your skin color

Carotene gives carrots their orange color. It's also present in vegetables like beetroot and cucumber and in fruits like plum and dates. When you ingest a lot of carrots, the pigments give your skin Orange-ish color.

4. Coffee and tea can cool your body

The body starts cooling itself because it's natural mechanism.

5. Drinking a lot of coffee can give you hallucinations

Not just hallucinations, utter addiction of coffee can lead to symptoms similar to that of the symptoms of Schizophrenia.

6. Soy can lower your sperm count

A research study showed that men who ate soy had half the sperm count compared to that of the people who did not eat soy at all.

7. The sight of meat is calming for men

A research study showed that the men who saw meat and meat delicacies were the calmest.

8. Alcohol boosts your subconscious memory

After drinking alcohol, you get a feeling of good buzz because when you consume alcohol, your brain releases dopamine. It also helps your brain to make new memories at a subconscious level.

9. Eating a lot of Mulberries can get you high AF

The unripe Mulberries have hallucinogenic properties. Another side effect is that you can also get diarrhoea because unripe mulberries are a natural laxative.

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